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Sr. DSP Research Engineer
Transforming the hearing care industryStarkey is a recognized world leader in high quality audio technology. We serve our customers by providing a broad range of hearing devices that meet a variety of hearing needs. Through unsurpassed customer service practices, we strive to bring a human touch to hearing healthcare. The Starkey Laboratories family of companies includes Audibel, Micro-Tech, Nu-Ear, and Starkey. Starkey is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Starkey Laboratories, Inc., an equal opportunity employer and a recognized world leader in providing the highest quality hearing technology available, has an exciting opportunity for a full-time DSP research engineer at its international headquarters located in Minnesota, USA. This position is responsible for research and development of signal processing algorithms for advanced hearing aids. Duties include:
Research signal processing algorithms for one or more product functionalities
  • Propose research project plans
  • Review the existing literature, competitive products and patents
  • Propose a set of algorithm candidates
  • Prototype the algorithm candidates using simulation and/or various research platforms
  • Evaluate the algorithm candidates based on a combination of laboratory evaluation, field evaluation and benchmarking
  • Select the final algorithm
  • Generate the research report
    Participate in and contribute to general DSP research and development activities
  • Participate in and contribute to the relevant professional conferences
  • Participate in and contribute to the DSP Journal Seminar
  • Participate in and contribute to the competitive analysis efforts
  • Participate in and contribute to the benchmarking efforts
  • Participate in and contribute to the intellectual property related activities, such as patents
    Work with DSP firmware engineers to bring the research results to products
  • Provide input to the firmware requirements definition
  • Work with the DSP firmware engineers to identify and make the design tradeoffs
  • Provide technical support to the clinical validation effort
  • Providing technical training to Engineering staff members

    Benefits of employmentWe offer our full time associates a full benefits package that includes a generous Paid-Time-Off (PTO) plan, Profit Sharing, 401(k), Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), Health and Life Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability and Flexible Spending. What's more, we're committed to helping our associates attain their full potential through in-house and on-the-job training, and tuition reimbursement.
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