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Paying Bills

Community First Personal Cheque

With a Community First Personal Cheque facility you can enjoy the convenience of writing a cheque whenever it suits you.

Apply right now by calling 1300 13 22 77.


Using your Community First VISA or Redicard, you can pay bills using BPAY® via our 24 hour telephone banking service, or via our internet banking service.

To pay a bill using BPAY via internet banking, simply click ‘Transaction’ followed by ‘BPAY’ from the top menu.

To pay a bill using BPAY via telephone banking, you will need to register first, and allow 24 hours before your first transaction. To register, call 1300 13 22 77. When you are ready to begin transacting, call 1300 13 16 99.

If you have a Community First Visa Credit Card, you can also make your credit card repayments using BPAY*. Simply use the BPAY biller code and customer reference number provided on your credit card statement:


Here's the most convenient way of all to pay your bills. Simply arrange for all your monthly bills to be paid by us, direct from your account. Nominate the day and amount of payment and you can forget all about those important bills, knowing that we'll look them for you.

Apply right now by calling 1300 13 22 77.

Direct Debits

For other regular bills such as rates, power, telephone, etc., where the amounts may vary from bill to bill, you can arrange with your service company to have the amount of your bill automatically paid directly from your Community First Access Account. It's as easy as contacting the relevant company, requesting a Direct Debit Authority from them and completing some simple paperwork. When you do so, please show your account details as follows:

BSB 802 038
Account number Your member Number
Branch N/A
Account name Your name

Handy Hint

Each of your accounts with Community First have a unique account reference number. This is useful if you have more than one account held under the same Member number, as you can quote this reference number with our BSB when arranging deposits in to your account(s). While using your account reference number is not mandatory, it can make it easier to identify the correct account to credit.

For more information or to apply by phone

Please call Community First Direct on 1300 13 22 77, visit your local Community First Financial Services Store, or send an email to arrange to have a Member Service Officer contact you

* Ability to make payments from your credit card is subject to your biller accepting BPAY payments.
® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.

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