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Bankruptcy Litigation

Paul Hastings is known for its sophisticated creditor work and its balance of quality representation and competitive rates...The group brings calmness to any bank group, thanks to its expertise and experience of many industries.

—Chambers USA 2010

Paul Hastings represents financial institutions in workouts, enforcement and collection actions and bankruptcy matters. We have represented lenders in agented and non-agented workout and bankruptcy matters, ranging in size from $5 million to over $850 million. We also have experience in debtor-in-possession financing transactions, and with our workout and bankruptcy capabilities, we have experience handling complex bankruptcy litigation for clients in a variety of forms.

Our regular clients for workout and bankruptcy matters include a number of regulated and unregulated lenders, funds specializing in the purchase of distressed assets and loan portfolios, and providers of credit enhancement for securitizations and bond issues. Our bankruptcy lawyers are familiar with the business and legal issues that can and frequently do arise across a wide spectrum of financial transactions and work closely with our corporate finance, real estate and tax lawyers in developing commercial solutions to troubled financings. We represent purchasers investing billions of dollars in troubled loan portfolios from the initial due diligence required in connection with the portfolio acquisition through the refinancing, liquidation or resolution of the individual assets. We also represent lenders facing different types of troubled financing transactions including asset-based revolvers, factoring arrangements, term loans, working capital lines of credit, real estate and construction loans, credit enhancements, equipment leases, surety bonds, securitizations and project financings.

Our creditors’ rights lawyers regularly advise clients on issues relating to bankruptcy, commercial law, secured transactions, lender liability, usury and fraudulent transfers and have represented clients in a number of cross-border transactions, particularly with respect to Japan, Mexico, Canada, Australia, England, France, Germany, Brazil and Argentina.

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