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 Home » Lifestyle » Lifestyle» Alabama Denture Adhesive Lawsuit AL | Denture Cream Lawyer – Zinc Poisoning Symptoms

Alabama Denture Adhesive Lawsuit AL | Denture Cream Lawyer – Zinc Poisoning Symptoms

There is a limited period of time in which to bring an Alabama denture adhesive lawsuit. This legally prescribed time limit is referred to as a "statute of limitations”. This time limit to file a case prevents a claim from being filed after the designated time has elapsed. If you have been diagnosed or suffered from denture cream zinc poisoning symptoms you may lose the right to bring a claim if your case is not filed before the statutory deadline. A denture cream lawyer can help you with your different legal options including the difference between a denture cream class action and an individual Alabama denture cream lawsuit.

There are several factors that affect the statutory deadlines for filing your Alabama Fixodent lawsuit or Alabama Poligrip lawsuit including:

• The state where the lawsuit is filed
• The type of injury
• When you are tested for zinc poisoning
• When you were diagnosed with neuropathy

Alabama Statute of Limitations
Ala. Code § 6-2-2 et seq.

Personal Injury
2 Years

Products Liability
2 Years

Wrongful Death
2 Years
Discovery Rule

In certain situations it isn’t reasonable for a person who has suffered an injury to know what caused their injury until a much later date, sometime years. For example, a person may use denture cream including Fixodent or Poligrip for years and then develop neuropathy and related symptoms such as loss of balance, dizziness, numbness and tingling, but not know that zinc poisoning may have caused their problem.

The above state statute of limitations (time to bring a legal claim) have been provided as a general reference only. Statutes of limitations can change at any time by the actions of the legislature or courts of the particular state. For a full review of any potential legal claims and relevant statutes of limitation related to denture cream zinc side effects it is important to consult with a denture cream lawyer who handles denture cream lawsuits in Alabama to determine how the law applies to your specific legal claims.

If you or a loved one has suffered from the dangerous side effects of denture cream zinc poisoning you may have important legal rights. For a free no-obligation consultation from a denture cream lawyer complete our short contact form or call our toll free number to speak to an attorney for the latest updates on the Alabama denture adhesive lawsuit.

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