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 Home » Lifestyle » Business» 10 Reasons to Join Total Debt Freedom

10 Reasons to Join Total Debt Freedom

1. Freedom

We understand that brilliant people hate rules and shackles, and desire the freedom to do their work – in their way. Our environment is not only stress free but also drama free. We give you the freedom to think outside the box; in fact our shift in thinking is led by a CEO that has been told he doesn’t even see the box.

2. Great People

Our work culture, generous compensation and employee development programs attract brilliant applicants from all across Canada. Make it in, and you’ll be working with some of the best people out there. We understand that "A” players attract "A” players. When you have an atmosphere of like-minded individuals, true awesomeness really happens in a workspace. Great people are what make going to work, feel the same as going home.

3. Culture & Perks

We treat our employees very well. Team retreats, annual dinners and parties, random acts of kindness, generous bonuses, profit sharing, employee benefits, a cool office space, social events, training programs, access to a personal development library and more.

4. Training & Education

Your typical work week is 45 hours. Of this time, we allow you to spend 5 hours a week on personal development. For some that might be learning a new skill for others it might be stepping out to the gym mid-day for a workout. You decide but you will get access to a massive library of coaching and training material plus mentorship from senior employees.

5. Stability

We have never taken a drop of investment and so we have no investors to tell us what to do or to pull the plug on us. We’re a private, self-funded company and remain profitable. We started with an initial investment of $5,000 from our founder and CEO Richard Cooper and his 90 sq/ft dining room in January 2005 and have grown rapidly since.

6. Fun

We put the word "Fun” in "Business Fundamentals”. Don’t get us wrong here—we’re a disciplined, well-oiled machine that grows. But we believe that business can be fun and people should look forward to going to work each day. And so we create a work environment that is designed to make your tasks, your team mates and even company meetings, a ton of fun.

7. Giving Back

Many of our employees have spent significant time volunteering or working for non-profits. We started this business to change the way people resolve debt. Money came as a natural by-product. As a result, we will devote our time and attention to causes that may not bring in short term profits, but may result in positive social change. In our spare time Total Debt Freedom folks volunteer their time to charitable causes.

8. We want to Wow clients AND employees with awesomeness!

Yes, awesomeness is a word. With small ideas, we aim for big impact. Whenever we do anything we always aim to wow people. We aim for total transparency and employee engagement. We love Big, Scary, and Audacious Goals.

9. Profitability

We’re fully profitable and continue to grow each year at impressive rates. This translates into huge profit sharing bonuses and generous employee perks. We believe in taking care of our people, so our people will take care of our clients. We believe that profitability is a by-product of happy and engaged employees

10. First Date Dress Code

We don’t believe in getting all bunged up in stuffy suits and ties to come to work, we aren’t bankers nor do we want to be. We wear into work what we would wear on a first date, as the day goes on it’s not uncommon to see people in orange slippers because everyone deserves to be as comfortable at work as they are at home.

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