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 Пими ® » Monthly Love Horoscope

Monthly Love Horoscope [125]Monthly Horoscope [12]

Scorpio Love December 2010

The angels of love are on your side this month, Scorpio, so set aside time to enjoy life instead of losing yourself in the overwhelming responsibilities of the holidays. Venus, the planet of amour, turned forward in your sign last month and is picking up speed to add dynamism to your personal life. This is an excellent time to indulge yourself in life's pleasures. Don't rely on someone else to make you happy because when you are able to please yourself it's much easier to attract a generous partner. Trust yourself and follow your instincts. One day you may be ready to come on like gangbusters in pursuit of someone you like but the next day you may feel shy and insecure. The moods will come and go but the bottom line is to be kind to yourself at all times. Even when you notice some traits that don't match your highest ideals, accept them and any guilt will melt away.

If you're in a relationship and your partner is not giving you the love or affection you want, don't let him or her off the hook. Your power of persuasion is especially strong now so a little smile and that come hither look can do wonders. If you're single, this is certainly a time to play. Now you don't have to follow up every tender conversation with a commitment. Nope, make it your holiday gift to yourself to allow the kind of sexy playfulness you like without worrying about long-term consequences.

: Monthly Love Horoscope (01.12.2010)
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