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Monthly Love Horoscope [125]Monthly Horoscope [12]

Sagittarius Love May 2011

May starts off on a great foot with Astrology's lovers, Venus and Mars, firing through your 5th House of Romance. This is terrific for being fun, sassy, playful and creative, and is a great way to get attention while having a terrific time. Even if you're the most committed person in the world, it's hard not to attract new people with your friendly attitude. Flirting can be a way of life as every encounter is a quick game of seduction where you don't need to make a deep connection to find some satisfaction in relating to others. Just make sure that you don't tease someone who is taking you seriously and will be heartbroken when you don't follow up on your initial charm offensive.

On May 11, though, passionate Mars ambles into earthy Taurus and your 6th House of Routine where work takes priority over play. Sweet Venus does the same on May 15, which can take some air out of your romantic balloon. However, these transits increase your chances of making a love connection on the job or when taking care of personal business.

On May 21 the Sun skips into airy Gemini and your 7th House of Partners. This transit may attract a chatty person who is fun to play with, but can also raise issues of uncertainty as your feelings flit from deep desire to disinterest and back again without warning. A positive expression of this solar shift, though, is a greater capacity to discuss intimate issues.

: Monthly Love Horoscope (01.05.2011)
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