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 Пими ® » Monthly Love Horoscope

Monthly Love Horoscope [125]Monthly Horoscope [12]

Sagittarius Love April 2011

You are on fire this month and can find the spark that gets attention wherever you go. This could create problems in a current relationship because it's hard to avoid appearing playful and flirtatious even if you're the most loyal person in the world. The source of this is passionate Mars' entry into spontaneous Aries and your 5th House of Romance, Fun and Games on April 1. If you're single, though, this can be an incredible transit because it's bound to lift your spirits to spur creativity and a sense of adventure.

Instead of being quite so bogged down by serious matters and the demands of your daily routine, this is your chance to keep finding new people to have fun with and fresh ways to enjoy yourself. If there's a stage, you may be ready to jump right on it. You do need to be careful, though, about going too far or too fast when Mars joins explosive Uranus on April 3 and a little push can provoke a dramatic reaction.

On April 11 Mars forms a stressful square with manipulative Pluto, which can produce power struggles. Your teasing can hit a nerve or, perhaps, you're going to take a minor comment as a major insult. Keep it light instead of turning this into a life or death issue.

: Monthly Love Horoscope (30.03.2011)
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