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 Пими ® » Monthly Love Horoscope

Monthly Love Horoscope [125]Monthly Horoscope [12]

Aries Love February 2011

With your normally passionate ruling planet Mars in chilly Aquarius this month it's a good time to step back and take a more objective view of your relationship life. Instead of forcing issues or letting your emotions take over this is an opportunity to examine your situation with a dash of detachment.

Innovative Aquarius is ideal for breaking old patterns and experimenting with new approaches and attitudes about love and affection. In fact, if you're in a partnership now, it's likely that you're feeling constrained or bored unless your significant other gives you plenty of space. Rebelling against rules is to be expected, bringing pressure for something fresh and different within a current alliance or in looking for a new one.

Venus, the planet of amour, enters your 10th House of Public Responsibility and the dutiful sign Capricorn on February 3. This is about taking care of business before pleasure. While that might not seem sexy or exciting, it's an excellent way to earn respect that could eventually lead to romance. Demonstrating your seriousness and commitment to all your obligations, though, isn't necessarily easy for your spontaneous sign, especially with Mars in freedom loving Aquarius. Nevertheless, the benefits you're seeking are unlikely to come in an instant so hurrying may be tempting but is not in your best interest now.

: Monthly Love Horoscope (29.01.2011)
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