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Monthly Love Horoscope [125] Monthly Horoscope [12]

Monthly Horoscope Gemini

Gemini is associated with Mars and Mars will be scorching this month. What does this mean for you? It means intensified sexual desires and performance. Although it will intensify much more than just your sexual desires, it will also bring out your intense feelings into the light. This is the time when your partner might say something to make you explode, which will make your true feelings show. So this is the time for honesty to explode, for tears, for hugs, and surprises.

Mercury, which is associated with Gemini will be aligning with Venus this month, which means that you might find most of your happiness and passions with an Aries. With passion comes great responsibility for Geminis’.

You need to exercise caution because if you do not control yourself you could damage the relationship you are in if you speak out of turn, or say something hurtful. This is not the month you want to get angry. This is also not the month you want to pick a fight. This is a month for you to hone your strengths and passions toward positive things.

: Monthly Horoscope (01.06.2013)
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