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Monthly Love Horoscope [125] Monthly Horoscope [12]

Monthly Horoscope Scorpio

Venus is associated with you Scorpio, and Venus is flying in multiple directions in a spiritual sense. This month you will rediscover yourself. You will meet your metaphysical self and your consciousness. You will, once again look at yourself in the mirror and see what made you beautiful once again. June is a month that will give you self-confidence, which is irresistible to the opposite sex. June will give you reassurance in the sexual realm, which will make you and even more passionate lover.

Calmness will take over your life. The worries that once hovered over you will diminish, miniaturize, and disappear from your life. It is a month that is given to a Scorpio for reclamation purposes. It is a time to declare in a loud and confident voice that you and your time belong to only you.

Love will take you to different places in your heart and mind. It will be a time to explore with the person you love and trust. You will become a new animal within your heart, and you will take the world of love by storm!

: Monthly Horoscope (01.06.2013)
R: 994

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