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Monthly Horoscope Capricorn

Capricorn oh Capricorns, this month is a month where you are at your most sensitive state. June is a month in which you are vulnerable so you should exercise caution. Although caution is advised for a Capricorn, it is also encouraged because it is the month when your heart is most susceptible to fall in love. Your heart is open to words of love and romanticism, so you may easily fall in love. Be sure it is with a person you know and trust, or at least trust. This tenderness will also be accompanied with a sense of harmony and relaxation, which make June the perfect time to take a vacation or meditate in order to rediscover just how beautiful you truly are inside.

This is a time to organize your thoughts, and to clear your mind of all clouds that obstruct your vision so you can truly see where your life is headed. Now is the time to ask yourself if you are happy with your life. Do you want a change? Do you want to accelerate something? This month has endowed upon you a level of clarity unlike any other month, and it is yours to take advantage of. Your pleasure will come from pleasuring someone else, and this also applies to sexuality.

June is a month where communication should be at its highest, and you should not be fearful. This month favors the Capricorn ability to adapt and rearrange your life according to the changes that occur. You are a chameleon in this month and a tender hearted one, at that. This month puts you in the mood for meeting someone new, and puts you in the charming mode, so you might be quite funny this month. If you ever wanted to give a shot to stand up comedy, you couldn't have chosen a better time. Once again, be fearless this month, you are prepared for it all and the stars are behind you.

: Monthly Horoscope (01.06.2013)
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