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Monthly Love Horoscope [125]Monthly Horoscope [12]

Pisces Love November 2011

Your taste for the exotic makes it hard to settle for familiar places and faces this month. The life-giving Sun is in your 9th House of Travel until November 22, turning your mind away from routine and predictable situations in search of greater adventures. If you have an opportunity to get out of town, take it. Whether it improves your current relationship or helps you meet someone new, it’s bound to lift your spirits and make you more appealing to others. Simply planning a trip or just dreaming about one can pull your mind away from the seriousness of daily matters to give you the inspiration that’s virtual food for your soul. If long distance journeys are beyond your reach, exploring other cultures through food, music, movies and books is bound to add spice to your personal life. And, of course, connecting with someone from a different background than yours is sure to excite you.

The New Moon in Scorpio on November 5 falls in your 9th House, which can also expand your social circle by pursuing further education or speaking out for a cause. Still, communicative Mercury forms a stressful 90-degree square with dreamy Neptune on November 6 that can prove misleading. What you say might not be understood and what you’re hearing may not be what someone else had in mind. Double check facts and repeat information to make sure that you’re on the same track. Similarly, the Sun’s square to Neptune on November 18 can spur fantasies and attract imaginative people, yet what you see may not be what you’ll get.

: Monthly Love Horoscope (01.10.2011)
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